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Accelerate your internet connection up to four times faster

WebAx is a bandwidth saver and speed acceleration hardware and software solution for endusers and ISPs who wants to speed up the Internet connection beyond the physical line speed. It compresses and reduce the transferred data volume of the static and dynamically generated web sites and files to download a fraction of the original size and proportionally speeds up the load time performance. A speed improvement of 200% to 400% can be achieved depending on the traffic type. WebAx has been tested with dialup, DSL and satellite connection, and proved to have same significant performance with all types of connections.

How it works

a- A Webax server is located in the main ISP gateway or on any European main gateway that compress all the downstream as well as the upstream traffic going to and from the users on real time. It compress all TCP/IP packets what ever the traffic type or the file size.

b- The WebAx software is installed on the user PC, which will decompress all the compressed traffic coming from the WebAx server located on the ISP side to get the files to its actual size, on the other hand the WebAx software will compress all the upstream traffic going from the user side to the ISP side to perform maximum saving both directions.

Price for endusers : $30/Year

Price for ISP: Please call

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