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Automatic deploying satellite communication center for mobile users

There is a great demand for communication from anywhere and at any time. This is especially true in remote areas, or wherever disaster recovery teams or news organizations need to get connected to send or receive data to other locations. In these circumstances, satellite is the only reliable communication method. However, traditional satellite solutions would require significant time and effort to install a 1.2 m satellite antenna. Also most solutions would require prior training for proper installation.

Introducing Pure Mobility, the revolutionary self-deploying 2-way satellite communication system for people on the go and in need of quick setup. EgyptSat now offers this high-tech, fully-integrated communication solution. With Pure Mobility installed on the roof of a car, users now have the ability to get connected from remote locations with functionality similar to central offices.

Once the car comes to a stop, an intelligent microprocessor system, along with an integrated GPS sensor, will measure the latitude and longitude position of the car and an accurate electronic compass will measure the orientation of the car. Then the pointing parameters will be precisely calculated. In seconds, the microprocessor will control three motors to adjust the satellite antenna’s elevation, azimuth and polarity to accurately point and fine tune the antenna to the satellite. Stuffed with many advanced features, Pure Mobility is the only solution for critical missions. Pure Mobility has been designed to be totally power independent. With the surface-mounted, high efficiency solar cell there is no need for an external power supply. Also, an advanced built-in inversion system can provide external equipment with a 220V electrical supply from the solar energy generated and stored in an integrated high current battery.

As for communication, Pure Mobility comes with a built-in satellite modem that offers 9 mbps on the receive side and 1 mbps on the send side. A built-in WiFi router provides mobile wireless data and Internet connectivity at a distance of 50 m from the car. Two WiFi telephone handsets are supplied with the system to offer global voice communication. An advanced object tracking, high speed dome camera is fitted to the front of the system with 22X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom. The camera features powerful IR light detection which makes it capable of capturing high quality video on dark nights at a distance of 40 m.


• 1.2 m Tx/Rx satellite antenna.

• 3 W KU-Band BUC and LNB.

• Built-in control system with GPS, digital compass, 2 lines LCD and remote control (no need for a PC)

• Built-in infinity iDirect Satellite modem. • Built-in wireless router supporting 500 square meter WiFi coverage.

• Built-in 12 v battery for self power.

• High efficiency solar cell for independent charging.

• 12 v to 220 v inverter to power external devices

• Two WiFi VoIP handsets.

• PTZ 22X optical zoom high speed dome camera with IR light and automatic object tracking for video conference and disaster recovery.

• Built-in speaker and a microphone for video conference.

• Aerodynamic fiberglass case.

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