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From Entry level to Performance, Polycom Conference Room Solutions encompass a range of offerings to meet the needs of any meeting room, from small offices to large boardrooms and auditoriums. Polycom Conference Room Solutions are designed for optimal face-to-face communications and enhance the experience of meeting over video conferencing such that each meeting is seamless and integrated.
All VSX video conferencing systems boast excellent audio with Polycom's StereoSurround™ and industry leading video with Polycom's Pro-Motion™. Any furniture solution within the Polycom Conference Room Solutions line can accommodate any VSX product. Choose the VSX system that best fits your conferencing needs, then choose the furniture that best fits the needs and demands of your conferencing environment for a meeting experience that is natural and productive.

High Definition Video Conferencing

The combined experience of the best end-to-end high definition voice, video and content sharing in point-to-point and multipoint conferences; easy to use, including access to the highest quality of service, support and training. The Polycom HDX 9004 and 9002 offer the highest level of audio and video performance. Whatever your application, UltimateHD from Polycom starts with the performance of Polycom's high definition video codecs. Experience UltimateHD for yourself, take a look at the professional integrator's choice for UltimateHD, the Polycom HDX 9004 and the Polycom HDX 9002 .

Video Conferencing for individual offices

Face-to-face calling solutions: From your office, your home, or on the road, Polycom offers the ideal video conferencing solution for the business executive. Polycom has the right video conferencing solutions to meet any unique requirements of the office environment.
The Polycom VSX3000 delivers an integrated high quality video conference solution perfect for executive suites and remote offices. The VSX3000 extends the conference room to the personal office environment and doubles as a PC display when not in use in a video call. The Polycom V500 provides personal video calling within any type of office – including those who work from home- simply plug the system into your high speed broadband network, connect to any size television display and start the video call.

Video Conferencing for the desktop

Desktop video conferencing from Polycom has reached premium performance levels typically reserved for the most expensive group systems. The Polycom PVX personal video conferencing solution delivers business quality desktop video conferencing from the convenience of your PC.
The Polycom PVX extends the ultimate Polycom video conferencing experience to your PC and webcam with the first software application ever offered. The Polycom PVX works in conjunction with your PC and USB camera to provide the highest quality video and audio experience in the industry. Add the Polycom PVX to your PC and within minutes you'll be talking, via video, to customers and colleagues around the world. The Polycom PVX solution is an easy way to communicate face-to-face from your office, from your home or on the road.

Conferencing Network Solutions

Polycom Unified Conferencing is the first solution in the industry to offer full-featured voice, video and audio conferencing on a single platform, with an advanced set of applications and services that provide a simple yet unique experience for the end user.
Users today are surrounded by an ever-growing number of complex systems, each with their own set of user interfaces and commands. Polycom simplifies the conferencing experience by providing a platform that was designed from the outset to deliver a full range of multi-media services over disparate networks. This enables users to be presented with consistent, repeatable and easy-to-use conference features, regardless of endpoint device or whether they are connecting via audio or video over PSTN, ISDN, IP (H.323 or SIP) networks.
The Network Conferencing solutions include all the components required to have a complete integrated conferencing solution for an enterprise.
These components include:
 MCUs - Readi Convene and MGC-25
 Conferencing Scheduling and Management - Readi Manager
 Advanced Gatekeeper - PathNavigator
 Conferencing Reording and archival - Readi Recorder and RSS-2000

Camera Control Systems

Vaddio provides camera control systems and specialty cameras used in conferencing and the presentation industry. The products include some of the most unique camera control products and specialty cameras that can be integrated into any conferencing and presentation room. The products include hands free presenter camera controls for various applications.

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