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Secure communications is a necessity for many organizations to protect corporate data. Some highly Secure organizations mandate the use of third-party encryption devices or external end-to-end security protocols. Organizations provide secure communications using different architectures including built-encryption within satellite terminals, end-to-end encryption using COTS IPSec devices or custom encryption solutions such as the ones used by the military

Network Accelerator The Network Accelerator is a state of art appliance that accelerate the traffic speed the network (Internet or data). It provides TCP acceleration, Web acceleration, and application QoS for locations that have IPSec or custom encryption. The Network Accelerator compensates for the long latencies in satellite links that would otherwise limit the speed of each TCP session to less than 100 kbps, allowing greater utilization of available bandwidth. Without acceleration software, TCP traffic faces a variety of problems that slow it down when it is sent via satellite. The Network Accelerator is designed to intercept TCP traffic, prioritize and accelerate it before it is encrypted. This allows for a significantly higher overall TCP throughput over a satellite network
Netkeeper features
User Activity Monitoring Allows regularly viewed internet links to be stored locally, and monitored classified by each client IP.

Hardened Firewall More secure than software firewalls on PCs also improves performance. Allows Windows, Mac and Linux networks to share network connections more effectively. Operates with ADSL and cable broadband services as well as satellite VSAT systems. Web cache Allows regularly viewed internet to be stored locally, removing the need for repeated downloading. Save more than 30% of the connection traffic.
Email and IM cache Record all emails and Instant Messaging chat conversation going through your network, is an advanced tool to monitor the progress of the work done within your organization.

WebAx Acceleration Utilizing the latest state of art compression techniques, allow internet traffic speed acceleration for up to 300% Content filter Blocks access to unwanted site categories such as pornography and advertizing, or specific URL, restricts access for some computers, blocks specific file downloads such as music or zip files. Email Spam filter All incoming emails contents and attachments are scanned, those appearing to be spam are flagged accordingly and pornographic content removed. Individual email addresses and domains selected by the user can be given preferential treatment (using a white list) through the filter. Pop3 Antivirus filter Two separate virus scanners operate on all incoming emails. Infected files are automatically deleted before they get to the users network and the user informed. Each Netkeepers checks for new updates regularly and downloads them accordingly.
Spyware locator Rapidly identifies machines infected with Spyware for easier removal.
Peer to Peer Blocker Allows network managers to stop illegal file downloads and transfers at work.
Router Controls data flow over the internet connection, supporting faster access and improved bandwidth through its web cache. DHCP Server Effectively allows devices to be connected to the internet on customer's networks without needing data such as the IP address configuration.
QoS traffic shaping Allows users to optimize internet traffic, this feature create a better environment to use VoIP or where large downloads of information can disrupt internet access.

VPN Gateway For higher security data, VPN connection offer an ultimate encrypted secure connection for business users
User management Outbound traffic blocking with time-based controls – restrict Internet access for different users at different times of the day, assign different speeds for different users. Web access control by IP and MAC.

Real time traffic graphs Real-time Graphs & per IP Traffic Stats – view & track web usage per user on an hour by hour, day by day or month by month basis. (Great for people with download quotas)

Support and Management portal
A dedicated, secure portal that gives VSAT owners and VSAT satellite internet cafe operators complete visibility and control over their broadband connection. From web usage statistics to control over management functions

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