Arabic License Plate Recognition

Arabic LPR

– Latest algorithms to read the new Egyptian plates as well as old computerized number.
– Detect the plate from different angles that allow using a fixed camera or camera on patrol car.
– Work in different lighting conditions including day, night, sunny, cloudy, shadow and complete darkness.
– Read car numbers at high speed up to 180 km/Hr.
– Database store number plate in text, image of the plate , car image, and driver’s face.
– Tagging car plate number with Geolocation to identify the exact location of the event.
– By integration with the police database system can check the car reported as stolen.
– Customized interface language in Arabic or English.
– Can be integrating with video analytic for car classification.
– The solution is totally developed in Egypt through a highly skilled programmers and engineers team.
– Tailored to fit the Egyptian current situation and to allow any future