Marine Internet

  • Whenever high bandwidth, broadband Internet connectivity, VoIP services and TV are needed for seafaring vessels,
  • Whenever you want to keep up with your business offshore through satellite internet for marine.
  • Whenever you want to never miss your favorite program, surfing internet, send E-mails and phone call with broadband speed internet.

EgyptSat is always very pleased to bring you what you have dreamt about.

EgyptSat provides the best Maritime VSAT solutions. Our stabilized, auto-pointing systems provide you with voice (VoIP) and data connectivity for your offshore oil rigs, cruise ships, freighters, tankers, yachting, fishing and navy vessels.

EgyptSat supports onshore and offshore operations extending their services to maritime VSAT with coverage from All Middle East, Africa and Europe. Knowing Marine VSAT as a high-speed, two-way IP broadband ship-to-shore satellite telecommunications service,

Based on over 20 years’ experience in providing quality, high speed maritime VSAT services, with EgyptSat Maritime VSAT services, you can count on precise, reliable up-links and down-links regardless of weather conditions or movement.

EgyptSat Marine Internet services are tremendous choice for the following sectors:

    1. Oil and Gas onshore platforms.
    2. The floating maritime platforms including hotels, restaurants, and recreation vessels.
    3. Military maritime ships.
    4. All kinds of vessels

How it works:

Auto-Tracking Stabilized System allows the Antenna to maintain an accurate pointing to the satellite regardless of the marine vessel movement as shown in figure.The data then can be routed to a location on Earth connected to internet called the HUB (Earth Station).

EgyptSat as a leading VSAT provider in Egypt and Middle East introduces a huge variety of solutions for marine communications, wither the service is provided by the satellite operator (Iridium, Inmarsat…) or provided by EgyptSat HUB. These different solutions are described below.

There are three main solutions for marine communications

      • Satellite Marine terminals.
      • Iridium pilot.
      • Inmarsat Fleet Broadband.

 These three main solutions are described below.

1- Satellite Marine terminals

      1. Marine internet

        1. How it works

The solution evolves a Marine antenna that can point itself to satellite regardless of vessel position, direction and movement, this antenna connects the vessel through satellite to EgyptSat hub (source of internet).

b. Why Satellite Marine terminals for internet

            1. Unlimited internet onboard.
            2. Access to Email, Multimedia, TV, Video, Social Networks
            3. High speeds.
            4. Low service cost compared to iridium and Inmarsat networks.
            5. The iDirect Intelligent Platform™ reduces bandwidth by dynamically allocating capacity to maritime vessels based on real-time demand using a centralized pool of shared bandwidth

c. Satellite Marine Products

EgyptSat offers Ku-Band systems for standardized or customized VSAT and hybrid networks that are ‘always-on’ and offer fixed monthly data costs. They provide reliable connectivity for operations, passengers and crew, with fast response to the ship’s motion to avoid signal loss. 

SEA TEL 6012



Sea Tel 6012 VSAT is a 1.5m 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system featuring advanced technology and IMA electronics for high performance and easy operation.

SEA TEL 5012



Sea Tel 5012 VSAT is a 1.2m 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system featuring advanced technology and IMA electronics for high performance and easy operation.

d) Monthly service plans


  • 512 kbps
  • 128 kbps


  • 1024 kbps
  • 256 kbps


  • 2048 kbps
  • 512 kbps


  • 4096 kbps
  • 1024 kbps

And more customized planes, Call us to get your quote or contact us on

    ii.  Marine TV

Whether watching the big match, the news or a movie, Global TV-at-Sea solutions are built to provide perfect reception regardless of location or conditions.



Team spirit and morale is vital at sea in order to get the best from your crew. With TV-at-Sea™ from Sea Tel and SAILOR, it is easy to enhance life on board and do your part for crew welfare. Once you have decided to install satellite TV, you need a system that is up to the job with the toughest, highest quality available, because vessel’s television has to keep on working even in the toughest conditions.

        1. Products

SAILOR and Sea Tel TV-at-Sea™ make it simple and cost-effective to provide a basic welfare service.



Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV is a flexible and high performing TV-at-Sea antenna system that delivers worldwide & high-latitude Ku-Band HDTV services to multiple satellite receivers on-board.

2. Iridium pilot:

EgyptSat as the only reseller for iridium in Egypt and the Middle East can exclusively provide Iridium marine, Powered by the world’s furthest reaching network, Iridium Pilot is the only reliable truly global connection for broadband voice and data maritime communications delivering exceptional, performance, durability and value, everywhere on the planet.

      1. Coverage:

Iridium Pilot is built with the same high-quality voice and data capability the world has come to trust from the only pole-to pole satellite Communications Company. The unique cross-linked architecture of Iridium’s global constellation of 66 Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites gives Iridium Pilot inherent advantages in performance and dependability – making it an ideal platform for primary or back up communications.

ii. Key Features and Benefits

        • Pole-to-pole global coverage
        • Reliable high-speed data
        • 3 independent voice lines
        • Durable construction
        • Performs in any conditions
        • Easy to install
        • Global Service Program
        • 5-year limited warranty

iii. Specifications


          • Height: 8.0 in (203 mm)
          • Diameter: 22.44 in (570 mm)
          • Weight: 27.5 lbs. (12.5 kg)


          • Length: 7.78 in (200 mm)
          • Width: 9.84 in (250 mm)
          • Height: 2.17 in (55 mm)
          • Weight: 2.98 lb. (1.35 kg)


          • Up to 134 kbps bidirectional with Iridium OpenPort broadband service


          • 3 independent lines for concurrent use


          • Global, pole-to-pole

3. Inmarsat Fleet Broadband:

Fleet Broadband provides cost-effective voice and data through a compact antenna, delivered globally via the I-4 satellite and ground network, which maintains over 99.9 per cent network availability.

Thousands of vessels of all sizes and in all maritime sectors trust in Fleet Broadband for operational communications such as email, phone and applications that help them do everything from plotting the most fuel-efficient route to diagnosing mechanical faults remotely by video link.


Specifically Fleet Broadband provides you with:

      • Standard IP with speeds up to 432kbps (contended service)
      • Optional guaranteed bandwidth on demand (32, 64, 128, 256 kbps)
      • Additional voice, SMS and ISDN services
      • Simultaneous voice and data functionality, just like in the office ashore.
      • Multi voice channel -up to 9 concurrent voice calls
      • Worldwide coverage
      • Compact antennas (25cm and 55 cm)


      1. Coverage

Inmarsat covers almost the whole world with four satellites (I-4), so The Fleet Broadband coverage is global. Any terminal will operate in any ocean or water-way within the coverage area above.

ii. Choose the best fit for your vessel

There are a number of terminals, smart boxes, applications and value added services to choose from:

Fleet BroadBand 150

Fleet BroadBand 150

delivers global voice, IP data up to 150kbps and SMS texting to smaller vessels with less need for high bandwidth applications. The above-deck and below-deck units are highly compact and easy to install, with antennas from 22.1cm x 29.1cm, weighing 2.5kg.

Fleet BroadBand 250

Fleet BroadBand 250

offers faster data speeds for larger vessels, such as coastal merchant and fishing fleets of up to 250kbps and live streaming for applications like video conferencing, plus up to nine telephone lines with Fleet Broadband Multi-voice for clear voice calls.

Fleet BroadBand 500

Fleet BroadBand 500

is our fastest Fleet Broadband service, delivering always-on connections speeds of up to 432kbps and streaming rates up to 256kbps for multiple user operational and crew communications, anywhere at sea, in any conditions.

iv. Service plans

Fleet Broadband packages start with the Standard plan (for light users) and extend all the way up to 40GB package for heavy data users. All packages larger than the 1GB plan (which is 12-month package), are 2-year contracts.

The below table gives a quick overview of the available Fleet Broadband packages:

iii. Key features

Standard IP data – Always-on data service for applications such as email and internet access, real-time electronic charts and weather reporting.

Streaming IP – Guaranteed rates for live applications like video conferencing and database synchronization (FB250 and FB500 only).

Satellite voice – Access up to nine telephone lines from a single terminal with Fleet Broadband Multi-voice (three lines on FB150).

Enhanced voice services – Voicemail and other enhanced call management options are available, including caller identification, caller barring and call forwarding.

Crew calling – prepay and post-paid options available.

GSM calls – GSM over FB250 and FB500 enables users to make and receive calls and send and receive SMS texts using the pre-paid SIM in their own mobile phone.

SMS – Send and receive SMS text messages to and from other Fleet Broadband terminals and land-based cellular networks through your PC or smart device.

Safety – 505 Emergency Calling puts vessels directly in contact with a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) free of charge for distress calls.

Fax – Circuit-switched data connection for legacy applications such as Group 3 and Group 4 fax (Group 3 only for FB150).