Auto Deploy Satellite Antenna

there is a great demand for communication from anywhere and at any time. This is especially true in remote areas, or wherever disaster recovery teams or news organizations need to get connected to send or receive data to other locations. In these circumstances, satellite is the only reliable communication method.

For the first time in Middle East, EgyptSat Telecom developed a sophisticated VSAT system called it Pure Mobility used during crises, With a Satellite receiver dishes in order to link the location of the event and decision makers at high speeds through satellites in no more than one minute.

The system is installed on a four-wheel drive, allowing it to reach remote places while Critical crises, The system has been equipped with a mobile wireless camera that enables transferring all the current events at the event site and create a direct link by videoconference technology for ten Egyptian airports through the crises management system at the Ministry of Aviation. The project has been opened by previous president On 21 July 2010.

The following videos and images show how the system works.