VSAT Satellite SCADA Communications

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are an integral part of every industrial operation, EgyptSat SCADA connectivity solutions enable cost-effective monitoring and remote management of critical equipment, in some of the most remote areas of the world.

EgyptSat Solutions enables the collection of equipment data from remote SCADA sites and converts it into actionable intelligence using cost-effective and reliable satellite and cellular communications. This makes it easier to reduce maintenance costs and site visits, minimize downtime and maximize output of a variety of critical equipment

VSAT Service Options for SCADA Traffic

      •  Low speed VSAT service for SCADA only traffic can be provided with low bandwidth (lower than 500 kbps).
      • High speed VSAT service.
      • Private or Public IP Options.
      • Dedicated or shared bandwidth.
      • Fixed VSAT or Mobile Satellite communication Terminal (Inmarsat using L-Band)


SCADA is not limited to a particular aspect of oil and gas operations. Applications can be found in:

      • Oil and Gas Upstream areas such as well monitoring.
      • Oil and Gas Downstream in areas such as pipeline operations.
      • Water Monitoring and Utilities Management.
      • Power plants.
      • Manufacturing facilities.
      • Offshore facilities.

SCADA Solutions:

EgyptSat offers multiple solutions and products to facilitate SCADA systems communication.


1. Fixed two way satellite communication:

In this solution we create channels between the sites and SCADA master using Tow way satellite communication (VSAT), each site needs equipment includes ODU (Outdoor Unit – Dish) and IDU (Indoor Unit – Modem) to receive and send data through satellite, the service cost is fixed monthly fees, You can choose from multiple plans depending on your usage and needs.

2. ORBCOM Isat Data Pro (IDP):

IsatData Pro is the fastest low-data rate satellite communications service specifically designed to connect people with equipment and enterprise applications—anytime, in the world’s most remote locations. Using the two-way Inmarsat satellite network, IsatData Pro operates over geosynchronous satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO), with a robust infrastructure of ground stations located around the globe.

IsatData Pro offers enhanced reliability and the ability to deliver more data than other satellite M2M services in the market. This allows businesses to share more data across diverse operations via email, text message, electronic forms and workflow automation.

Why L-Band?

Inmarsat’s global L-band satellite network offers the highest payload and lowest latency of any L-band satellite store-and-forward service, providing 99.9% network availability and a ubiquitous, resilient and flexible solution for remote monitoring of fixed and mobile assets.

The IsatData Pro network is also not subject to rain fade or impacted by other harsh weather conditions. IsatData Pro devices do not require antenna pointing, simplifying installation and adding to the reliability of unmanned terminals in an open environment.

            • Higher Messaging Capability
            • Quicken Message Delivery
            • Lower Power Consumption
            • Global Coverage

IsatData Pro At-a-Glance

            • Global, Two-Way, Reliable Inmarsat Satellite Service.
            • Higher Messaging Capability.
            • Lowest Latency (< 15s latency for 100 bytes).
            • Supports Broadcasting, Multicasting.
            • Cost-Effective Data Plans, Pooling Options.
            • Global coverage.

Orbcom IsatData Pro terminals:

ST 6000 Series (Satellite)
ORBCOMM’s ST 6000 series satellite terminals can used to provide seamless ship-to-shore connectivity for fishing vessels and buoys. A newly designed, built-in antenna makes this device suitable for both land and maritime deployments using the IsatData Pro network.

IDP-782 (Cellular and Dual-Mode) 
The fully programmable IDP-782 is available as cellular-only or as an integrated dual-mode device combining cellular network coverage and the two-way IsatData Pro satellite service. It enables fleet managers to locate and remotely