Arabic LPR

License Plate Recognition Technology is being used all around the world for surveillance applications. The technology is being used to identify and record license plate numbers under most ordinary driving conditions and offers advantages in law enforcement, security and vehicle access.


License Plate Technology is being used in the following cases-


Secure & gated Entrances- For those who need their entrance fully secured, LPR can offer a good benefit. Vehicles which are permitted to enter the premises can be identified with the help of license plate recognition system and thus makes the work of security personnel easy.


For traffic enforcement- LPR acts as an added advantage for traffic enforcement scenarios. For instance, a LPR device can be put at an intersection and record the License Plate of a car that runs a red light. Based on this image, a citation can be sent to the registered owner of the car.


Law enforcement- License plate recognition technology has several applications in areas of law enforcement. An LPR device can be mounted on a patrol car to record plates of passing cars. This information can then be compared with the law enforcement data base for vehicles associated with a crime.



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