VSAT Satellite SCADA Communications

VSAT Satellite SCADA Communications are required in applications    IP / Ethernet based SCADA communications where there are no other economical terrestrial-based alternatives. Ethernet communications allows connectivity of IP based PLC/RTU/EFM/HMI equipment at remote sites.  Ethernet connectivity and its attendant bandwidth allows remote device configuration and maintenance when required. Remote sites with video surveillance requirements can be supported with high speed VSAT service.

Benefits of satellite communications:

Benefits of introducing a satellite communication link into SCADA systems include:

Ubiquitous service territory closes gaps in terrestrial coverage

Fast cost-effective deployment with low hardware and installation costs

More reliable than congested cellular data networks






Benefits of remote monitoring:

Benefits of monitoring and controlling oil & gas and utilities equipment remotely include:

- Higher operational efficiencies

- Reduced site visits

- Improved safety

- Increased scalability





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